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Welcome to the author page of Sassy Sipe

Welcome to the home page of  Sassy Sipe mainstream and young adult author.

I created this website to promote other books not in the erotica genre. Because of my son, I like to keep some things seperated from him.

 I am a published author, a submissions editor for Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower.  I think I have always been a story teller all my life. It all started for me in the 2nd grade. I won 2nd place in the West Texas UIL regional finals in Storytelling.  From that moment on, there was no turning back.

I have used stories to entertain my cousins, brother, sisters, and now my classes.

I guess you could say i've done it all. I was a waitress, an Air Force soldier, A sales associate for The Home Depot, and I was even an assistant office manager. But my true calling was teaching, and putting my creative skills of writiing and storytelling to good use. Kids have such fascinating minds. The stuff they come up with just blows me away.

So, in that regards I put together my first young adult story, Coming Of Age... It is still being critiqued with a fine tooth comb, but MJ and I will have it out making the publisher's lists soon.

Look around my website and enjoy. I hope you like what you see. If you have a picture to share, I would love one.


Work in Progress

Publishers and editors if you are interested in my stuff- please contact me


May 2009-GUNBATTLE AT CISCO- With Mary Estep. More to come later!. Book is finished and waiting for response from publishers.


Coming of Age...put on hold due to inclined submissions at Wild Child Publishing.



Upcoming Releases

Afternoon Delight by Ronna GagE MACHR 17, 2009






Bliss swept the last bits of dirt into a pile on the kitchen floor. She reached for the dustpan and jumped at the loud rumble from the garage. Screaming, she dropped the mop handle against the floor. Propelled by her startled and scrambled nerves, she stomped to the door. “If you are trying to make me crazy, you’re close,” she quipped to her husband, Ron, and son, Grant.

“Oh, Mom!” Grant rolled his eyes.

With all the grace of a noble lady, Bliss shut the door with barely a sound, turned back into the kitchen, and picked up the broom. Her stomach still quivered with startled upset. Deep cleansing breath in, then out. She repeated the calm breathing techniques one more time before she resumed her previous task.

She hated the beastly sound of that particular bike. If anyone asked her to describe the awful sound, she would say it sounded demonic—hence the nickname “Demon”. However, Ron loved that damn bike. If he said it once, he said it a thousand times: “It’s fast as hell and lightweight to handle around corners.”

Grateful that he and Grant continued inspecting their bikes for the big motocross race the next morning, she cleared the floor of the swept-up mess and put the broom away.

A moment of silence. Peace and quiet at last.

She inhaled a deep breath to calm her shaken nerves, took in the strong odors of race fuel fumes, and coughed the vapors from her lungs. The offensive smell invaded her kitchen under the worn seals of the paper-thin interior door that separated the garage from the house. She raised the window. The cool crisp winter air rid the house of the lingering fumes.

At last, the dishes now in the dishwasher and the kitchen clean, Bliss walked into the quiet atmosphere of the living room.

The big screen television sat in the living room, silent. She couldn’t believe the TV would be all hers for a few more hours. Sitting in her favorite chair, she flipped through the channel searching for something worthwhile. Antonio Banderas as Zorro filled the screen in The Legend of Zorro. She’d looked forward to seeing this movie since its premiere last fall.

She checked the time and sighed with relief. Missing only the first six minutes of the movie, all the action was still to come. A rush of excitement tickled her senses. Bliss settled back in the recliner to watch.

Immediately, she became engrossed in the plot. The main characters argued. Catherine Zeta Jones’s character denied her love for Antonio’s, and he basically called her a liar.

Her eyes took in one character and back to the other. They had to be joking, right? She inspected each one for signs of a lead into a jest. None came. Why didn’t she love him anymore? What happened?

She sat up and focused on the movie, refused to budge until she figured out the answer to that very question. Waiting, none came. Now, she wished she’d caught the first few minutes. Perhaps it would have given her the clues she needed to understand what happened to the characters.

Her gaze still fixated on the screen, Ron’s footsteps thudded across the tile floor of the kitchen, but made little impact on her line of attention. Her mind registered he’d come inside from the garage, but she still focused on the television. He came into the living room and plopped down in his chair. 

“We need to talk.”  

Noting no urgent or dire emergency in his tone, Bliss said nothing, but continued to think about why the heroine, Elena, would lie to her husband. The quick, coy looks she gave him showed the love she still bestowed on him. Why all the games?

“Alright, give me a second,” she said. 

Ron adjusted in the recliner next to hers, his impatience obvious, but he waited for her to respond.

She sensed his heated gaze on her; it willed her to acknowledge him without him having to make a sound. Did she turn and look at him? No, the movie held her interest. Ron probably wanted to talk about the cost of some part for one of the bikes. Bike maintenance is a typical hazard for race team owners. Whatever, the problem with the bikes could wait a little longer.

“I’ve been thinking.”  

On the television screen, Alejandro would now find out why his wife claimed not to love him—the integral part in the movie

 “I’m busy!” she snapped before she thought better of it. She said the first thing that came to her mind—shocking them both. 

 “What?” he asked, his voice deepened with surprise.

She tore her gaze from the screen and dared a glance in his direction. The crestfallen expression on his face hit her hard in the gut. An ant would be taller in size compared to her. 

“I’m sorry, honey. I’m interested in this movie,” she explained, pointing to the screen. Sensing something important by the look on his face, she reconsidered his need to talk and picked up the remote, ready to turn down the TV. “What is it that you need to talk about?” she asked, giving him half her attention.

She did want to know what he thought, but another time would’ve been better for her. Her concentration slipped from him and returned to the television. 

Why weren’t Alejandro and Elena still married?

“I think we should get married,” he blurted at the same second her mind wondered about the characters.

Bliss stared at the television screen, speechless. 

Influencers:  research and experiences- 

Music, Social Issues affecting us today in our society, and family experiences.

Music Influences

Queesnryche, Dokken, Joe Lynn Turner, Geoff Tate, Pamela Moore, Ann Wilson


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